Food Packaging Machinery Financing

In year 2020,food packaging accounted for approximately 60% market share of the food industry in Malaysia, followed by non-alcoholic and other industries. Purchasing the packaging machines / lines can be costly which can cause a huge dent in the cash flow, especially for manufacturers who are just starting their operations. With equipment financing offered by Pac Lease, these worries are taken away. Manufacturers can purchase the best equipment to operate at full potential in response to rising demand.
在2020 年,食品包装占马来西亚食品行业约 60% 的市场份额,其次是非酒精和其他行业。一般上,购买包装机器/生产线需要相当高的成本,这也可能导致业者的资金周转不灵,特别是对于那些刚刚创业的生产商。 有了太平租赁的这一项设备融资,生产商便可解除后顾之忧,放心购买最好的设备以发挥最大的潜力,应付不断增长的需求。

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