Cold Room and Industrial Refrigeration System Financing FAQs

Tell me more about Cold Room and Industrial Refrigeration System Financing

Based on several research projects, food & beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, electrical and electronics sectors have been trending upwards in recent years and are projected to continue to do so, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. This will translate into higher demand for cold storage warehousing.

In addition, the growing market in Asia Pacific has driven on uptick in cold storage warehouses as consumers demand better quality foods and more imports. With booming food delivery services, there is also a growing  emphasis on increasing product shelf life which has led to a surge in the demand for refrigeration financing.

From cold room to commercial / industrial refrigeration systems, Pac Lease has the right package to suit your diverse financing needs to further support business growth.

What is the type of assets financed by Pac Lease?

Pac Lease provides financing for entire Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration System, Freezer with compressor, condenser and cooling tower and cold room with condensing unit and blower. 

Is there any “negative list”?

No, we do not have a negative list on equipment which can be financed. Credit underwriting is subject to the credit worthiness of the borrowers.

What are the documents required for loan applications?

Below are some of the typical documents required for loan applications:

  • Company statutory documents
  • Bank statements
  • Audited Report
  • Any other documents as and when required for evaluation   


How fast will I be able to get my loan approved?

For standard application, your loan will be approved within a week upon receipt of full set of documents.


What is the financing package?
  • Tenure: up to 5 years
  • Margin of Finance: Up to 100% of the cost of equipment
What other charges do I have to pay?

Other charges includes:

  • Documentation fee ranges from RM200 to RM500, depending on location
  • Stamp duty at ad-valorem (RM5 for every RM1000 of loan amount)
Any other special package?

Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) is bundled together with the loan financing amount throughout the tenure of the loan. Our customers are only required to make one monthly instalment to reduce the loan and IPF. This grants peace of mind for our customers knowing their asset is adequately insured and the insurance cover will not lapse. Besides that, IPF provides value-added features such as Agreed Value, Reinstatement Value, and Market Value alternatives.

How shall I apply?
  • For existing customers, you may touch base with your Relationship Manager directly.
  • For new customers, just fill up the form below.
  • You may also reach us through WhatsApp at 011-10572350.

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